Premium Bolt V2 Grab Bags


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Who doesn’t love a surprise now and then? Well, we’ve got a surprise for you. Our latest Grab Bags/Blind Bags are finally here. “What’s a grab bag?” You ask. We’ve taken our top shelf, leftover parts and combined them into mix-and-match colorways. We’ve thrown these into a box to ensure we can’t see inside so you’re guaranteed to get a surprise. When you order a Grab Bag, we’ll reach into the drawer, shuffle around among all the boxes, pick one out and send it out to you. What you’ll get is a one-of-a-kind mismatched but fully functional pen. “Boy, that sounds fun!”. Yeah, we think so too, but the grab bags come with a few caveats, read on below for those.

Each Grab Bag is priced at $65.00 (COMES PRE-ASSEMBLED WITH A PILOT G2 REFILL).

All sales final.

No returns or exchanges on Grab Bags.

You’re purchasing a randomized complete pen, that will function as it should. Please do not email and ask for a specific item. Grab Bags have been specially priced and some coupon codes and sales will exclude Grab Bags.