Production Al 13 Decograph Rollerball Pens


Decograph Fountain Pen.

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Discontinued due to anodize unavailable

Not all pens are planned, some of them happen when customers just keep asking for them. The production Al 13 Decograph pens are just that. When we created the Decograph pen, we designed it with based around resins and other non-metals. But as time passed we got more and more requests for an aluminum version of the Decograph. Having released several aluminum special editions, we finally admitted that we needed to add a production aluminum version of this pen.

The production Al 13 Decograph pens are available in three body colors with two grip, clip, and finial hardware customization packages. You can select from Green, Grey, or Red body and cap colors, and black or silver hardware packages. The pens will be “built-to-order” rather than pre-assembled like most of our current pens. We’ll semi-permanently attach the finials and clips once you check out, to ensure they don’t come off when you carry them. This “build-to-order” process means your order may take 2-3 days to ship as we assemble and test the pens, but we’ll ship no later than 3 days after your order has been placed.

Overall Length (Capped) – 137.27 mm / 5.40”
Overall Length (Uncapped) – 120.23 mm / 4.73”
Overall Length (Posted) – 153.15 mm / 6.02”
Grip Width (Min) – 9.35 mm / 0.36”
Grip Width (Max) – 10.77 mm / 0.42”
Body Width (Min) – 9.51 mm / 0.37”
Body Width (Max) – 12.57 mm / 0.49”
Cap Width (Min) – 13.49 mm / 0.53”
Cap Width (Max) – 15.23 mm / 0.59”
Aluminum Weight – 34.9g / 1.22 oz
Each pen comes standard with a Pilot 0.5mm Black Refill, G2 spring, and your choice of black or silver Decograph Rollerball tip (Refill upgrades include the Schmidt 5188 Ceramic Rollerball and Schmidt 6040 Fineliner). Ships in our standard, recyclable cardboard box with corresponding instructions.

Our pens are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Mesa, Arizona. The Al 13 Decograph uses material, components, and accessories sourced from the United States, Japan, and Germany.