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The Prospector Decograph Executive Edition is here. A stunning aluminum Decograph, anodized in a matte Navy blue decked out with a tumbled brass clip and grip. While it’s durable enough for a daily carry this Decograph is just made for the board room. The anodize is muted enough to be professional, but the blue and brass are bound to catch some eyes.

This pen was never in our plans for this year, but as we re-released a few of our previous Prospector pens, we started getting requests for a Decograph version. There’s a lot of ways to pull off a Prospector Decograph, but when it came down to it, we wanted the blue to be the star and the brass to be the proverbial cherry on top. When we sent them off for anodize we never thought they’d turn out as good as they are. The matte Navy blue is simply stunning, dark with almost a purple tint when you look at the pen by itself, but set it next to other colors and the first thing you think is “oh, damn that’s a nice blue”. The tumbled brass really allows the lines of the clip to shine a bit more than the standard aluminum versions, and it gives the pen a ‘brightness” that the Navy blue anodize really needs. The extra weight of the tumbled brass grip keeps the pen firmly in your hand when you’re writing and assists in a great writing experience.

Ships with a polished steel nib of your choice (upgrades in Titanium and 14k gold available as inventory allows), two Monteverde black standard international cartridges, and a Schmidt K5 standard international converter; all in our custom printed, recyclable cardboard box.

Add a Brass Decograph Rollerball Kit Here for $10 dollars.