Prospector Fluted Bolt V2 Special Release


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Our second special edition pen was a brass lower barrel and matte blue upper EDK that we named the Prospector. We’ve done a couple of versions of that colorway since then but never in a Bolt. With our new fluted lower barrels we figured it was high time we returned to this awesome colorway.

Back much sooner than expected, but you demanded it, and we knew we had to act. However, this Prospector Fluted Bolt V2 is a little different. We sent the tumbled aluminum Bolt uppers to a different anodizer, and they sent back a much darker matte blue than we used in the past. This is a quite dark, Navy blue color that looks AMAZING matched with the tumbled brass. While it’s a different hue, it will still look great next to any of our past Prospector releases if you have one of those. This special release is limited to 75 pens. The pen ships with a black Pilot G2 refill.


75 pens available