Prospector Retrakt V2 Special Release


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Our second special edition pen was a brass lower barrel and matte blue upper EDK that we named the Prospector. We’ve done a couple of versions of that colorway plus a few other pens in the Prospector theme, but never a Retrakt. For our first Prospector Rektrakt V2 we’ve decided on a smooth matte blue upper with the standard tumbled brass lower.

You asked and it’s taken a while, but we’re here with a Prospector Retrakt V2 Special Release. After we heavy tumbled the brass lower and felt how awesome they were in the hand, we wanted to do something different in terms of how the pen looked and felt. Using the smooth upper leaves this pen looking really streamlined, but the matte blue upper has enough tactile feel to it that you can easily grab it and remove it from your pocket.  It’s something different that we don’t normally do in terms of combining the smooth upper with a Retrakt, and we doubt this will be released again. This special release is limited to 75 pens. The pen ships with a black Pilot G2 refill.

75 pens available