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What happens if you joke around about soldering 10 Cubes together to make a giant pen holder? Around here, Bill decides to make that happen, but instead of soldering good cubes together he just orders material and machines a long rectangle made to fit 99 pens. You read that right, the MegaKube (we know it’s not a cube anymore but we had to reference the original product somehow) is essentially 11 Cubes only a bit shorter since spaced the 99 holes out evenly. This monstrosity of metal measures over 28 inches in length and weighs just under 17 pounds*. If you’ve got 99 pens you might have the problems of figuring out where to keep them. Not anymore, now you’ve got one less problem and a place to keep all of those pens. Show them off in the MegaKube and let the world see your pen collection in all of its glory. Each pen is separated and will not knock into each other, causing unwanted damage. This is the first Production Run of the MegaKube and has the fully engraved bottom like the Prototype, however we’ve added PROD. 10.22 which denotes the production date. Going forward all production batches will have the corresponding month/year engraved on them.

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