Red, White, & Blue Bundle





The Red, White, & Blue Bundle combines our Independence Day releases into one specially priced bundle. Cerakote on both the Bolt V2 and Retraktable gives us our first foray into a red, white, and blue-themed release. This bundle is marked down $60 dollars, and is valid through 10/31/21, or while supplies last. Bundled product is excluded from coupons.

The Independence Day Bolt V2 is the first 4th of July Limited Edition we’ve ever released. When we found our new Cerakote partner, this pen was immediately put into the works. We get requests every year to release a red, white, and blue pen of some kind, and until now that was impossible. With white Cerakote, we are now able to offer this pen to those of you who want to celebrate and rock some patriotic flair this year. As our most popular pen, the Bolt V2 was the perfect canvas to receive this treatment. Plus, the fact we can anodize the clips and knobs only made the choice easier. Digital mock-ups were completed with several versions of this application, and ultimately we landed on a white Cerakote body, red anodized clips, and blue anodized knob. The knobs and clips were immediately sent out to the anodizer, and they did a fantastic job. Bright red and brilliant blue really brings to mind the colors of Old Glory. The white pens are perfect with their coat of paint just right, not too slippery with some texture. The Independence Day Bolt V2 came together perfectly and looks awesome.

The Independence Day Ringed Retraktable Slim features a slimmed take on our Retrakt V2 pen, this particular version features our new “ringed” grip profile for a new look and better grip when writing, along with our custom-designed, in-house machined button mechanism. This custom colorway features the red, white, and blue that’s so popular during July 4th in the United States. The pencil body has been heavy tumbled and then anodized a satin blue finish. The button mechanisms have been anodized satin red. Finally, we’ve sent the clips off for the Stormtrooper White Cerakote application. This is the first year of our Independence Day colorways with the RWB applied in different fashions. You’ll be prompted to select from 0.5mm or 0.7mm lead insert before adding the item to your cart. Ships with a Pentel Hi-Polymer eraser. Includes a new custom, 4th of July inspired vinyl sticker designed by Gee our designer.

Limited Time Bundle