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Recently we’ve switched to using Cerakote* brand ceramic coating which provides better hardness, more color options, and is applied professionally by an official Cerakote applicator. If you know us, you know we have a close connection to all things automotive-related. There’s an awesome trend in car paint right now where nonmetallic colors are making a comeback. One of the best combinations you’ll see on the roads right now is a nonmetallic meteor grey body with black trim. In the hopes of getting something similar, we sent out a VERY small batch of Retrakts for this color treatment. 

Another round of the new nonmetallic Cerakote hits the site with the latest color, a fantastic subdued light-wine-colored purple hue they’ve named Sangria. This shade is shiny but not in a sparkly way, but it also has a nice tactile texture to it. The finish is a uniform coat that provides great texture for improved grip and a beautiful look that we can’t get with anodize. We’ve selected our stainless steel clip, screws, and click mechanism for this release. The pen ships with a black Pilot G2 refill. Cerakote is known for the highest-rated hardness, flexibility, and durability for ceramic coatings in the industry.

50 pens available

*Cerakote is a temperature-cured, spray-on ceramic coating that is used in a variety of industries including automotive, defense, outdoors, and sports. While Cerakote has been tested and rated at the highest levels of hardness, corrosion resistance, flexibility, and heat; it is not nearly as durable as anodize. Like all coatings, Cerakote can and will naturally wear when carried against objects of a similar or greater hardness than the Cerakote. Cerakote can chip or crack if dropped onto hard surfaces. Be advised this surface finish will wear over time, and is not as resistant to wear or damage as our standard anodize.

The Retrakt V2 is made from 6061-T aluminum on our CNC lathes and Swiss machining centers, in Mesa, Arizona. Pilot refills are manufactured in Japan.