Satin Blue Bolt V2


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Small Batch Release

The satin finish has become one of the highlights of the year. Not quite the full matte finish, but definitely not the high gloss finish; our satin finish gives great “grip-ability” with some awesome looking color hues. The Satin Blue Retrakt V2 was a huge hit so the decision to apply that same finish to the Bolt V2 was a no-brainer. What we have is the satin blue finish expertly applied to our standard Bolt V2 upper and lower barrels. We’ve chosen black hardware and a matte black knob for this pen which allows the blue to be the focus of this release. The pen features the Pilot G2 refill in black but can easily be converted to a Parker style refill. This batch is limited to just under 75 pens and will be the final Satin Blue release before the holidays.