Satin Blue Frag EDK V2 Limited Release



Limited Release with new Milled Clip

The new Mk II profile was initially a design element added to our prototype release of the Retraktable mechanical pencil. Initial feedback from early users moved this new grip profile from a prototype to a standard option on the Retraktable, but also a special release option for the Bolt and EDK. Why Mk IIMk II (later Mk 2) was the nomenclature of the fragmentation anti-personnel type hand grenade used by the United States from 1918 through the 1960s. Often referred to as the “pineapple grenade” due to its strange outward appearance, it was also called the “frag”. Our Mk II has a similar “frag” pattern milled into the grip area that provides a nice tactile feel and looks cool too.

We specifically curated this satin blue finish as a pair to the satin green finish we received last month. Since we figured these two pens would look amazing together, we sent out this batch for the same treatment in blue anodize.  For the Satin Blue finish, we modify our standard process and send lightly, finished tumbled pens to the anodizer for a non-bright dip coat of anodize. This process causes the transparency of the anodize and the slightly shinier finish tumbled aluminum to create a satin finish. Not as soft as matte and nowhere near as shiny as our standard “gloss” application, this version is a unique look that really comes together in certain colors, blue is one of those colors. It’s a unique finish that we don’t often offer because it can come back looking a bit weird. These don’t look weird at all, in fact, they’re some of the nicest blue pens we’ve gotten back in a long time. This pen also features our brand-new milled clip, which may become an upgrade option on future standard releases, but for the time now is only available on limited-release pens. This clip was designed in-house by our shop foreman, Josh, is machined from 6061-T aluminum, features a design that matches our pens nicely, and is designed to be a durable, machined option to our standard stamped clips. You’ll be prompted to select from our standard stainless steel click mechanism or select the black chrome click mechanism for a slight upgrade charge. The new grip profile gives great gripability when writing and also looks awesome. Ships with a black Schmidt P8126 refill.

Limited Availability

The EDK V2 is made from 6061-T aluminum on our CNC lathes and Swiss machining centers, in Mesa, Arizona. Schmidt refills are manufactured in Germany.