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“New” Pen Release

What goes around, comes around. The circle of life. Déjà vu. There’s a lot of weird ways we could describe this small-batch, limited release, pen created from a pen hack; we’ll start with a tiny bit of history. The EDK was initially called the Re-Bolt, because the initial idea for it was created by taking a lower barrel from a Bolt and combining it with a Retrakt Upper. With the artful use of some polytubing as a spacer the pen would work with a Parker style refill. We had enough requests for it that we went ahead and engineered a shorter lower barrel and created the EDK. That was way back in 2015/2016 and we’ve come full circle. One of our customers combined his EDK lower barrel with his Bolt upper and used a slightly modified Pilot Precise V5 RT refill. Brad H., the customer, showed us his hack and we loved it. What your seeing is our official release of his unofficial pen, we’re dubbing it the E-Bolt (EDK+Bolt) and for now this is the only planned release for this pen.

The “Shogun” E-Bolt features a tumbled Brass EDK barrel, mated to a matte black Bolt upper with a tumbled Brass Bolt knob and black screws and clip. It brings to mind the black and gold lacquered Kabuto and Mengu of Japanese armor worn by warriors during the shogunate. The E-Bolt is an amazing combination of deep matte black and tumbled brass, truly a stunning combination. Not only that but the brass Bolt knob actuates like butter; moving the black Pilot Precise V5 RT refill in and out of the pen with little difficulty.

This small-batch release is limited to 75 pens.