The Fifth Treatise Layflat Notebook 2-Pack


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Expansion of our notebook options has always been something we’ve considered doing. As time has gone on, we’ve purchased more and more notebooks for test purposes and for lifestyle photographs, and in the process, we came across Denik notebooks. They offer some cool-looking options that are of good quality and were always an option if we wanted to upgrade to a larger format of notebook. Now we’ve decided to take a chance with some custom Denik notebooks

We’ve chosen artwork that that ties in with our Alchemy-inspired Vertex releases as well our 2023 Pen Club Coin. The specific artwork we’ve chosen is two pages from Splendor Solis (learn more HERE), an illuminated manuscript about alchemy that is considered by many to be the most beautiful of its kind. We’ve selected the “Sun rising over the city” panel for the front and “The dark sun” for the back, both from The Fifth Treatise of Splendor Solis. We’ve slightly cropped the original images to allow for a better fit on this notebook and added branding to the binding and the back of the notebook. For the inside cover, we’ve used the “tails” side of the 2023 Club Coin with it’s double K logo over a stylized sun surrounded by alchemical icons. Then Gee set a lighter grey background of geometric, floral designs that allows the coin artwork to really pop even though it’s in a muted dark grey. The notebook is a 5.25″ x 8.25″ Format, 144 pages, 100gsm/70# Paper, Lined or Dot Grid, and it’s optimized for rollerball, ballpoint, and pencils. These are made by Denik.

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