Thunderhead Dragonskin Bolt V2 Special Release


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There’s nothing quite like walking outside in the twenty minutes before a monsoon and looking out at the storm clouds rolling in. Many days the bright Arizona sun will be blasting through the cloud tops, illuminating them in this brilliant gold hue, while the midsection of the clouds is a deep grey, and below hangs a blanket of angry black shadows. When the thunderheads they bring sheets of rain and the heat of the summer lifts. The sight of the thunderheads bring joy knowing the heat will soon be dampened by the sweet kiss of rain.

The Thunderhead Dragonskin Bolt V2 is our latest release inspired by the summer storms that roll through Arizona every summer. The polished dragonskin brass lower brings to mind the bright sun shining through the clouds, while the grey upper and black hardware are reminiscent of the dark grey clouds and shadows darkening the storm’s path. The weight is balanced perfectly to fit well in the hand. It features the Pilot G2 black refill for smooth writing.

Our pens are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Mesa, Arizona. The Bolt V2 uses material and components sourced primarily from the United States, but also from Japan.

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