‘Trooper 4k Pen Holder


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The 4k Pen Holder with a Cerakote finish and a matte black anodized lid. This ‘Trooper 4k comes to us from a galaxy far, far away. Land this on your desk as the perfect accessory to carry your ‘Trooper Bolt V2 or Trooper EDK V2.

The ‘Trooper 4k Pen Holder consists of two machined main components: a matte black anodized aluminum lid matched with a Stormtrooer White Cerakote aluminum base. These pieces are machined in-house on our CNC mills, the aluminum lids are anodized locally while the aluminum bases were sent off for a professional Cerakote application. Internally the 4k features three custom cut foam pieces: a base of open-cell foam, a middle of closed-cell foam with four holes for pens, and a top of closed-cell foam with four holes. The lid is held in place with four stainless steel hex fasteners, and there are four rubber bumpers on the bottom of the pen holder to keep it from scratching your desk or sliding. The foam can comfortably accommodate all of our pens, and due to the nature of the foam, it can spread to allow for larger diameter pens from other manufacturers. Made in the United States.

Width – 2.45 inches
Depth – 2.45 inches
Height – 2.3 inches
Weight Aluminum/Aluminum – 9 ounces