Tumbled Bolt V2 (Pilot G2 Configuration)


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The Bolt V2 keeps the unique look of our original design, but improves the usability and functionality for a truly superior writing experience.

Our Bolt V2 in tumbled raw aluminum outfitted with the ever-popular Pilot G2 refill in black (0.5mm tip size). For quick purchase.

Bolt Specifications:
Overall Length – 140.462 mm / 5.53”
Body Width – 11.11 mm / 0.437”
Aluminum Weight – 29g / 1.0 oz

One comment on “Tumbled Bolt V2 (Pilot G2 Configuration)

  1. MikeL on

    The Bolt V2 is one of the smoothest writing evenly balanced pens I have ever used. I write during the day many times and have had no problems with the consistency of the pen.

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