Tumbled Brass Dragonskin EDK V2


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Small Batch Release of 25 pens

The Dragonskin EDK V2 is a brand new grip profile added to our popular pocket pen. The Dragonskin EDK grip is an experimental live milling technique added to the machining process. We started with the standard groovEDK grip profile, but then add overlaying cuts that are reminiscent of dragon scales, hence the Dragonskin moniker. When we prototyped these, we knew people would really dig them. They’re not aggressive but provide great tactile grip on the lower barrel and are quite comfortable for long writing sessions.

The Tumbled Brass Dragonskin EDK V2 takes our most popular version of the EDK, tumbled brass, and adds our latest grip profile, Dragonskin. Long ago, we made the decision to offer the majority of the EDK releases in some form of heavy tumbled finish. The idea was that the EDK was supposed to be an everyday carry pen that would get beaten up and abused and to hide “some” of that abuse, we’d pre-wear them with some forced tumbling. Though we’ve released a few polished or bright anodize versions of the EDK, the majority of the releases have had tumbling added in some way. It only made sense for the first brass release of the Dragonskin EDK to have this heavy tumbling treatment added to it. The smooth upper and grip profile allow for a streamlined but interesting profile. The tumbled brass look fits with the new grip profile perfectly, and we think you’ll love it. Outfitted with a stainless steel clip, screws, and click mechanism; the pen ships with a Schmidt P8126 black refill.