Tumbled Brass & Green Dragonskin Bolt V2


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The Dragonskin grip is an experimental live milling technique added to the machining process first introduced on the EDK, and we’re super excited to add it to our Bolt V2. We started with the standard grooved grip profile, but then add overlaying cuts that are reminiscent of dragon scales, hence the Dragonskin moniker. The look is both menacing and intriguing and makes the pen look completely different than our standard grip options. They’re not sharp at all but provide a great tactile grip on the lower barrel and are quite comfortable for long writing sessions.

The Tumbled Brass & Green Dragonskin Bolt V2 is a combination of heavily tumbled brass body and knob with a lovely matte green anodized clip. The color combination of brass and green continues to be one of the best combinations, so we sought to find more ways to get these two colors together. The green was specifically sourced for this limited release in a small batch of anodize as we’re running low on the brass Dragonskin Bolt pens. It’s an absolutely fantastic combination, one that we’re scratching our heads on why we didn’t release them earlier. The pen comes outfitted with a Pilot G2 refill with black ink and ships in our standard recyclable packaging.

Small Batch Release #1

The Bolt V2 is made from C360 Brass on our CNC lathes and Swiss machining centers, in Mesa, Arizona. Pilot refills are manufactured in Japan.