Tumbled Copper & Grey Accents Frag Bolt V2 Special Release



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Small Batch Special Release

The new Mk II profile was initially a design element added to our prototype release of the Retraktable mechanical pencil. Initial feedback from early users moved this new grip profile from a prototype to a standard option on the Retraktable, but also a special release option for the Bolt and EDK. Why Mk II? Mk II (later Mk 2) was the nomenclature of the fragmentation anti-personnel type hand grenade used by the United States from 1918 through the 1960s. Often referred to as the “pineapple grenade” due to its strange outward appearance, it was also called the “frag”. Our Mk II has a similar “frag” pattern milled into the grip area that provides a nice tactile feel and looks cool too.

When you have a few extra parts lying around, you’ve gotta find a use for them. That’s where this pen came from. Initially, we had plans to release the tumbled copper Frag Bolt in full copper with a stainless steel clip. But we had 30 leftover Matte Grey anodized clips and knobs from the Green Mamba Dragonskin Bolt release. What to do with the extra parts? Put them on the tumbled copper Frag Bolts! The matte grey clip and knobs look AMAZING with tumbled copper. The pen feels great in the hand with the added grip of the tumbling process and the frag pattern. We’ve used Torx+ drivers for the clip, and our standard hex for the bolt mechanism; all drivers are stainless steel. Ships with a Pilot G2 0.5mm refill with black ink.

The Tumbled Copper Frag Bolt V2 is made from Tellurium Copper on our CNC Swiss lathes in Mesa, Arizona. Pilot G2 refills are manufactured by Pilot Pens in Japan.

30 Pens Available