Labor Day Sale – Tumbled Mk II EDK V2


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The new Mk II profile was initially a design element added to our prototype release of the Retraktable mechanical pencil. Initial feedback from early users moved this new grip profile from a prototype to a standard option on the Retraktable, but also a special release option for the Bolt and EDK. Why Mk IIMk II (later Mk 2) was the nomenclature of the fragmentation anti-personnel type hand grenade used by the United States from 1918 through the 1960s. Often referred to as the “pineapple grenade” due to its strange outward appearance, it was also called the “frag”. Our Mk II has a similar “frag” pattern milled into the grip area that provides a nice tactile feel and looks cool too.

Sometimes you just need something that is stripped down and rugged. Something that isn’t flashy, but gets the job done. That’s why we offer most of our pens in the raw, heavy tumbled finish. The Mk II EDK V2 is the latest of our pens to get this finish added to the lineup. The tumbling process roughs the external areas of the pen, while the milled frag pattern remains shiny giving the pen some contrast. Combining the tumbling and the Mk II grip provides a pen with a great tactile feel to it, this is a pen you’re not going to drop. We’ve used our standard stainless steel clip, screws, and click mechanism on this release to complete the look. Ships with a Schmidt 950M Pressurized refill with black ink.

The EDK V2 is made from 6061-T aluminum on our CNC lathes and Swiss machining centers, in Mesa, Arizona. Schmidt refills are manufactured in Germany.