Ultra Black INK V2 Rollerball Pen


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The first true Ultra Black INK is here in all its glory. We’ve taken our newly updated INK V2, heavy tumbled this batch for upwards of 6 hours, then sent them off for the full matte black anodized treatment. Not just the caps and bodies, but also the grips and rollerball tips. Then we’ve assembled these pens with black clips and screws for the first release of an Ultra Black INK. We’ve decided to sell these assembled as rollerball pens, but they can easily be swapped into a fountain pen with the addition of a nib and converter. 

The INK V2 is a full-sized, machined fountain pen that comes in aluminum, brass, and copper. The grip sections are available in several finish and material options so you can customize your pen even more. The thread-on cap uses triple-start threads to securely attach itself to the pen and to allow the removal of the cap with only 1.5 revolutions. The new Sta-Fast cap features an internal silicone o-ring near the threads that seats on a machined flat just past the grip section, and provides a secure, tight fit that keeps the cap from coming unscrewed when pocket carried. The Ink V2 Rollerball comes with a Pilot G2 (made in Japan) ink cartridge installed and also includes the ability to work with Parker ballpoint refills as well. Each pen is designed and machined, by us, here in the USA.

Capped Length – 137.82 mm / 5.42”
Uncapped Length – 126.32 mm / 4.97″
Maximum Body Width – 14.61 mm / 0.57”
Minimum Grip Width – 9.36 mm / 0.36”
Maximum Grip Width – 10.62 mm / 0.41”
Capped Aluminum Weight – 42.2g / 1.48 oz
Uncapped Aluminum Weight – 24.7g / 0.87 oz

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