Vertex O-Ring Kit


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Though it’s rare, sometimes an o-ring on one of our pens will come free or break. Now you can easily get a replacement for that missing or broken o-ring. We’re offering specific o-ring kits for all of our pens, with a link to a relatively inexpensive “tool” to help you install the o-ring.

This kit features all three silicone o-rings required for the Vertex pens: the cap o-ring, body o-ring, and grip o-ring. All three are custom-made, clear silicone o-rings designed specifically for the Vertex. While there are some standard-sized options for use on the Vertex body, the cap and grip are sizes that cannot be found in standard production o-rings. This kit ships with a set of all three (3) clear silicone o-rings for the Vertex pens.

We install these o-rings in our facility with the aid of THESE tools, by primarily using the flat of the pick or scraper and gently pressing the o-ring into the groove. It takes a few tries but should pop in without using much force or the pointy ends of the tools.

Pricing is for 5 pieces.