Vertex – Transparent & Translucent Grips

Vertex – Transparent Acrylic Grips



We’ve added three new options to the grips, two translucent grips and one transparent grip. These grips are made out of Makrolon® polycarbonate and not acrylic. They are more durable and resist scratching or cracking. The colors are Mint Translucent, Purple Transparent, and Teal Translucent . 

Grab some extra grip sections for your brand new Vertex fountain pen. These are fully machined transparent grip sections in nine different color options. We’ve then hand sanded and polished them so they look stunning when installed on your Vertex. The o-ring for the nib unit has been pre-installed so you just need to pop in a nib, toss it in a pen, and you’re good to go. The Vertex is the latest step in our Design.History.Technology influenced Signature Series.

Ships in via USPS in a protective bubble wrap mailer with o-ring installed. Designed and machined, by us, in the USA.