WAAAAAY-Back Bolt G2 Bundle


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WAAAAAY Back in 2016, we sent out a batch of Bolt G2 (V1 pens) to an anodizer we didn’t often use. We were informed that they’d lost the pens, and we were basically out of luck. Fast forward to February 2022, our Cerakote applicator found said pens at that anodizer, realized they were ours, and liberated them from the anodizers shop. 2/3 of them were scrapped due to damage, BUT we were able to salvage two colors and those are the pens being offered in this Throwback Bolt Bundle. 

These pens are the old style, 6-inch Bolt G2 pen. They’re anodized in a satin finish, one in aqua blue and the other in light green. They’re only available at this time as a set, and we have limited quantities of this set. We’re selling the set for $70 dollars (most coupon codes are excluded). Get your hands on a piece of history, the long-lost batch of Bolt G2 pens has made it back from a very arduous journey. These ship with black Pilot G2 refills.

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