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Instead of using that what-cha-ma-callit multi-tool for random stuff, use a WhatchamaKaras to get the job done!

The Pirates of the Mesa are back with the WhatchamaKaras keeping their sweaty hands off your door handles, touch screen, microwaves, and beer cans. They’ve brought extra WhatchamaKaras’ so everyone can join in on the fiery shenanigans. The antimicrobial WhatchamaKaras can basically do anything your pirate self could wish for. Need your back scratched, Yar. Gotta pick up that paint can, Yar! Grabbin’ the jug for a slurp of the ol’ grog and maybe a song, YAR! It’s a keychain, a handy hook, a nose-picker; you decide! Made from multipurpose 110 copper sheet, weighing in at a cool 2.5 ounces, and measuring 3.2″ x 1.7″ x 0.25″; the WhatchamaKaras is tiny enough to fit in that wee pocket on the front of yer pantaloons, but big enough to get the job done!

Pricing is per piece