Winter Wonderland – 1901 – Decograph Limited Edition

Decograph Fountain Pen.

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Over the ground there’s a mantle of white. A heaven of diamonds shine down through the night. – Winter Wonderland by Richard Smith

The ubiquitous imagery of winter and the holidays is a near universal language of its own. Descriptions of snow, frost covered trees, red cheeks, and warm clothes are peppered in our cultural understanding of this time of the year. Even in temperate climates we celebrate this time of the year by recreating the snow and frost covering as best as possible with paper snowflakes taped to windows and fake icicles hanging from our eves. This winter we’ve curated a very special release for our 2019 Decograph production run, the Winter Wonderland Decograph Special Edition. Machined from imported Italian resin in a brilliant white that is shot through with silver chatoyance paired with bright silver anodized clip and finials. We’ve machined the resin in house, then hand sanded and polished the bodies, caps, and grips to a shine allowing the white base to gleam and pulling the silvery swirls forward giving them a brilliance that is truly breathtaking. No two pens are alike in how the swirl passes from cap to grip to body, mirroring the unique nature of each snowflake. The pens are machined out of Italian premium resin and U.S. aluminum, machined in house. The nibs are Bock nibs made in Germany, converters are Schmidt manufactured also in Germany. We provide standard international ink cartridges from Monteverde who use ink made in Austria. Available with any of our Bock nib offerings. The Winter Wonderland Decograph will ship in our indestructible Decograph pen capsule with corresponding instructions.