Coin Keychain – Aluminum Set





This is a set of all five anodized aluminum coin-chains. When purchased separately, these would sell for a total of $75 dollars. We’re offering them as a set of five for $65 dollars (while supplies last).

As we looked back at our old coin designs, the second year coin design just jumped out at us as a really classic look. We started looking for a way to adapt the artwork to something other than a strict pen club use. As the design was for a previous year’s club membership, we thought it would be cool to find a way to revive the design for an EDC item. We landed on replicating the coin, but in different materials and adapting it into a keychain, or a coin-chain. The results are pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves. This coin-chain is 1.25″ in diameter and 0.125″ thick.

Designed and made in the United States. Stamped by Shire Post Mint from aluminum stock. Anodized in Arizona.

NOT a Karas Club Item.