Blue Tag-Style Keychain


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A long time ago in a machine shop far, far away…

When we were simply called Karas Kustoms before we made any retail products, Bill made tiny keychains with sayings on them and gave them away to friends and employees. These were pretty simple, aluminum keychains that were anodized by a tiny shop around the corner and then engraved when there was time to do engraving. Simple phrases like “don’t be a douche” were used as a way to keep everyone grounded, laughing, and focused on the same goals.

In the spirit of reviving old products, even products we never even sold, we’ve cranked out some of these tag-style keychains. We’ve anodized them in five different colors and laser etched five different sayings or phrases on the front with a corresponding Karas logo or design on the back. These are phrases we use around the shop or apply to our company; a few of them include adult language* so be forwarned.

Anodized in a matte blue then laser marked They’re assembled with a 2.4mm ball bead keychain.

*Language warning – some of the phrases include four-letter words*