Desert Varnish Red Bottled Fountain Pen Ink


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This ink was inspired by the desert sandstone monoliths of Arizona and Utah especially when the sunset reflects off their reddish-brown surfaces. The red-brown coating on those wind-formed giants is called “desert varnish”. Desert varnish is the accumulation of clay shot through with iron and manganese oxide along with organic particles that over time changes in color. From dark yellow to rich brown, the variations can be tremendous, but in the waning light of day the rocks take on a rich red hue as the sunset beams down on them. It’s truly a sight that will leave you speechless. Our Desert Varnish Red ink is a lovely shade of red that some shading. It’s dark in tight areas but lightens nicely at certain angles and nib sizes. While it doesn’t end up brownish-red it still brings to might those long hikes in northern Arizona when the sun kisses the cliffs

Continuing our efforts to give the masses what they ask for, we went in search of a U.S. company that produces fountain pen ink. There are even fewer U.S. fountain pen ink manufacturers then there are U.S. pen manufacturers. Luckily for us, we already had a great relationship with one of those companies, Papier Plume. They turned their ink making prowess to the task and provided us with two custom inks made to our specifications.