Designed for total performance without sacrificing comfort, the Galaxie XL meets and exceeds our most stenuous prototype tests.Perfect for everyday carry, outfitted with our “bulletproof” clip and new slip-cap retention system. The Galaxie XL features the PilotG2 refill to ensure even your most frantic scribbles are taken down smoothly and accurately. The comfort-contour grip flows effortlessly into the body, making the pen supremely comfortable to use. The cap posts deep on the barrel for ease and addedbalance. CNC machined from 6061-T “space age” aluminum, which provides extreme durability without sacrificing performanceand comfort.Create. Explore. Record.


Overall Length 5” Capped / 4.15” Uncapped / 5.3” Posted
Body Width 11.11 mm / 0.437”
Aluminum Weight 28.8g / 1.015 oz
Brass Weight 60.3g / 2.127 oz
Copper Weight 62.7g / 2.211 oz
Compatible Ink
  • Pilot G2 / Pilot Juice / Pilot Precise V5/7 RT Refills
  • 110mm Refills (May need to be trimmed to fit)
  • Schmidt EasyFlow SRC5888
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