the bolt v2


edk V2

The EDK V2 is our everyday carry, small footprint click pen. The external features include grip rings, knurling, and a heavy-duty clip. Designed for the Parker Style refills for your writing pleasures. Your EDK is just a click away!

INK Fountain pen - Karas pen co

ink fountain pen

The INK fountain pen is stylish, classy, and provides a quality writing experience. The INK fountain pen is available in a variety of colors and materials. It uses the 250 (#6) sized nibs that come in different sizes, and a grip section of your choice. Stay classy pen pals with your INK fountain pen.

INK ROLLERBALL karas pen co

ink rollerball

Fancy, rugged… Build the INK rollerball to your style standards. The INK rollerball is available in a variety of colors and materials. You get the choice of what type of refill you want to use with your awesome INK rollerball pen. Not only do you get to choose what style grip section you would like, you also get the option of selecting from a variety of rollerball tips. Don’t wait, customize your INK rollerball pen today!

Karas Pen Co Signature Series Fountain K

Fountain K

The Fountain K is a compact, machined fountain pen. The Fountain K uses German made Bock 075 (#5) nib assemblies known for their quality and long life. No sense in wasting time with other caps, the Fountain K thread-on cap uses triple-start threads to securely attach itself to the pen and to allow the removal of the cap with only 1.5 revolutions. Not only does this pen have all the looks, it also has all the luxuries of a quality fountain pen. Add some luxury to your writing life today.


render k

The Render K is our rugged capped carry. This pen is the perfect pocket carry. No need to worry about the refill hitting those jeans and leaving a nice design, the cap stays on securely. The cap has knurling to add a little style, and can be used as a grip to remove and replace. The Render K is available in a variety of colors and materials. The pen can also be converted into a fountain pen! Why don’t you just get one, or maybe three of these sweet little numbers today!

RetraktV Group


The Retrakt V2 is our standard-sized rollerball or ballpoint (you choose your refill type at purchase) pen.