2022 Karas Pen Club BKO Pry Bar


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A New Way to Get Access to the Karas Pen Club.

Towards the end of 2021, multiple Pen Club members asked if we had plans to do “something special” for Year Five of the Karas Pen Club. We didn’t realize we were already on Year Five, and hadn’t planned to do anything different; but we decided to adapt a current product into something that could be purchased to gain access into the 2022 Karas Pen Club. You’re looking at our brass version of the pry bar we released in December 2021. Initially we released the TKO, a titanium pry bar that used the drops from our titanium Bolt V2 production run as the source of the material. Instead of recycling that material, our shop foreman designed a milled pry bar that we could machine and we released 100 of those pry bars. Since we had plans on the 2022 Club coin being made out of brass, we decided to do the same thing; mill some pry bars out of brass drops from our machining runs then laser etch some of the Pen Club artwork on this BKO pry bar. We’ve used the same font that is found on the Club coin along with our unofficial Club logo, the “double K” skull motif. Year Five brackets the skull on one side, while the other features Karas Pen Club. Along the front we’ve laser MMXXII, 2022 in Roman numerals, into the spade portion. Be advised though this can be used as a pry bar, brass is considerably softer than titanium and can break, bend, or scratch. The BKO is designed more as a collectors piece similar to the challenge coins as part of an EDC loadout or collection.


Weight: 79.4g / 2.8 oz
Overall Length: 101.6mm / 4.0 inches
Grip Area Width: 12.7mm / 0.50 inches