INK V2 Rollerball Conversion Kit

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This kit contains a fully machined, aluminum rollerball tip designed to convert the INK V2 fountain pen into a rollerball pen. The rollerball tip has been machined to thread directly into the INK V2 grip, replacing the nib unit. It requires minimal accessories: the tip, a spring, and a 110mm rollerball of your choice. The rollerball tips are provided in four finish options: Black, Matte Black, Silver, and Tumbled; and two material options: Brass and Copper. You’ll be prompted to select a refill: Pilot G2 refill in black with a 0.5mm tip, Schmidt SRC5888 in both black and blue, and the Schmidt 6040 Fineliner in black and blue.

*We’ve now added the option to select the following ballpoint refills: Schmidt Easyflow 9000 Black, Schmidt Easyflow 9000 Blue, and Schmidt 950M Pressurized.