Machined Slide-Top Box (Vertex Box)


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When we sat down to finalize the Vertex fountain pen, we wanted to find a box that not only protected the pen but also a box that had the Karas Pen Co feel to it. We looked at numerous box options, from very modern designs to relatively simplistic slip boxes. The longer the search went on, the more we truly felt we’d end up with something that was a fully custom box. That type of custom box can be prohibitively expensive, something we wanted to try to steer clear of it at all possible. It was at this point that we switched gears and began to look internally for both the box design and the manufacturing.

We landed on a take on an old-style, slide-top box; a design that’s been around for a LONG time. The Vertex box is milled out of 6061 aluminum, the lid is cut out of sheet aluminum with a small dimple to “lock” the lid in place. Internally there are two pieces of open-cell foam cut by the Foam Factory to keep the contents from banging around. It’s been laser-etched on the top of our standard black anodized lid. The design is elegant and simple, and it works.