Brass Experimental EDK V2


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Introducing our Experimental Series, where we release limited numbers of special pens or parts with new aesthetic features or grip options. These experiments may lead to these items becoming part of our production releases, but for the time being, they’re being released as items we’re testing out or experimenting with.

The first release of the Experimental Series is a brass EDK with a specially milled grip. It looks a little bit like a fluted grip, but then it doesn’t. We refer to this grip profile around the shop as the “waterfall” grip with a nod to art deco linear designs. It’s milled into the surface of the EDK barrel and then smoothed during our finishing process. We’ve then tumbled these pens to give them a soft look and feel, and used black clips, clickers, and screws. This pen ships with the Schmidt P8127 refill with black ink.