Matte Olive EDK Special Release


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A special re-release for Small Business Saturday hits the site today. We discontinued the Matte Olive EDK and only released a few of the Matte Olive EDK with black hardware; but we’ve been asked quite a bit if we could re-release either of these versions. Just in time for the holidays we’ve got this special re-release of the Matte Olive EDK with black hardware.

The Matte Olive EDK is our heavy tumbled EDK with an incredible olive anodize coating in a matte finish. The look and feel of the EDK really lends itself to this color, and while it was the only color besides black that we initially released the EDK in, we’ve since discontinued it due to issues with anodize consistency. This special release batch is small, but they look incredible, and we made the executive decision to release these with black anodized clips, black screws, and a black click mechanism. Ships with a Schmidt P8127 refill in our recyclable packaging.

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