“Banned” Pocket Modal Special Release


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Red & black is a classic colorway that isn’t often as easy to pull off as we’d like. We often run into weird shades of red anodize that doesn’t look right with black. This latest batch is perfect and brings to mind the classic uses of this color scheme. Whether it’s the classic “Banned” basketball shoe worn by the GOAT, the Sith trooper or Emperor’s Royal Guard from Star Wars, or the 2023 F1 Ferrari racing livery; the use of red and black has become a classic. This latest release has the perfect shade of matte red paired with matte black anodized hardware, and rather than add a white slider for contrast, we kept it all black with the black Delrin slider. This pen should probably be “Banned” just like they did with those shoes in 1984.

The “Banned” Pocket Modal is a small batch special release featuring smaller, ballpoint Modal in a colorway inspired by the cultural phenomena these two colors have created. When the opportunity to combine red and black is available, we like to take it. This latest batch of matte red pens showed up looking perfect for a pairing with matte black hardware. The results are some of the best examples of this colorway we’ve ever released; we just wish we had more pens. This batch is highly limited, and will not be replicated in 2024, though we may do other grip profiles in this color if the red is appropriate. When you check out, you’ll be prompted to select from a variety of refill options to customize this Modal to your writing preferences.

Length – 116mm / 4.6″
Body Width –  11.11 mm / 0.437”
Width w/Clip – 14.73mm / 0.577″
Weight (Aluminum) – 22.3g / 0.78 oz

Limited Availability

“Many G codes and M codes cause the machine to change from one mode to another, and the mode stays active until some other command changes it implicitly or explicitly. Such commands are called “modal”.” – Dynomotion.com

The Modal is made from 6061-T aluminum on our CNC lathes and Swiss machining centers, in Mesa, Arizona. Pilot refills are manufactured in Japan.