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Redesign and Re-Issue

Initially designed in 2009, the Aluminum Speedster was a collaborative desktop accessory we made in conjunction with Griot’s Garage. As we fulfilled the initial production run for Griot’s Garage, we also released our own line of the Speedster. The Speedsters sold slowly, and when time came for us to look at making a second batch Griot’s Garage was no longer interested in the Speedster, and we still had quite a few of our own on hand. Throughout 2013 and 2014, we sold through the majority of our stock and had shifted into the pen making business with great success. In 2015, we made the difficult decision to discontinue the OG Speedster design. BUT it was resurrected in 2019 when Josh began tweaking the size and Bill redesigned the wheel fittings. Today, we present the Speedster V2, our updated version of this desktop accessory that will largely be sold in small batches with color combinations curated for each release and corresponding lasercode etched on the body to distinguish each batch.

The Black Speedster V2 is the second release of our updated design. What changed, you ask? The biggest change is the overall size of the Speedster V2 itself. The initial Speedster was nearly 7 inches long from wheel-to-wheel (6″ body length) and weighed 1.85 pounds. The Speedster V2 is 4.65 inches from wheel-to-wheel (4.25″ body length) and weighs 0.65 pounds. The wheel system has been updated with a simple press-fit rod that is captured by the wheels after running through drilled body holes. The body of the Speedster V2 is milled from 6061-T aluminum, in a multi-step process before being polished and anodized in standard black. The wheels are machined on our lathes from 6061-T aluminum, after which time we’ve cleaned and deburred them and left them raw, polished aluminum. The original Speedster had our Karas Kustoms shield machined into the right-rear quarter panel, partially hidden by the wheel. For the Speedster V2, we’ve laser marked our K Shield logo in a similar position, and we’ve added a model designation lasercode for each limited release of the Speedster V2 on the left-front quarter panel behind the wheel. The lasercode for this release is je.23.bks which designates a month/year/color combination. Ships in bubble wrap, in a small box.

Speedster V2 Specifications
Overall Length (wheel-to-wheel) – 4.65″
Body Length – 4.25″
Overall Height – 1.5″
Wheel Diameter – 1.25″
Weight – 0.65 lbs

Limited Release #2