Four Peaks Purp Bottled Fountain Pen Ink


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This ink was inspired by the Four Peaks, part of the Mazatzal Mountains and a prominent landmark east of Phoenix, Arizona. “The name Four Peaks is a reference to the four distinct peaks of a north–south ridge forming the massif’s summit. The northernmost peak is named Brown’s Peak and is the tallest of the four at 7,659 feet (2,334 m). It is the highest point in Maricopa County” – source Wikipedia.   The Four Peaks is the site of a top-grade producing amethyst mine, but it’s really due to the peaks coloration during sunset that we’ve landed on this name. Year round, but especially during the late spring and all through the summer, the sunsets in Arizona cast amazing colors on our natural rock formations. One of the most amazing sites is the purple sunset blasting down on the Four Peaks turning the entire mountain into every shade of purple imaginable. It’s a breathtaking sight. Our Four Peaks Purp ink is a middle of the road purple, not too red nor too blue. It fits firmly in the middle with a nice darker shade in thicker nibs that shows how well it darkens when the ink pools slightly. The shade is definitely one you’ll see on a summer afternoon as the sun falls in the west draping purple shadows all over Four Peaks.

Continuing our efforts to give the masses what they ask for, we went in search of a U.S. company that produces fountain pen ink. There are even fewer U.S. fountain pen ink manufacturers then there are U.S. pen manufacturers. Luckily for us, we already had a great relationship with one of those companies, Papier Plume. They turned their ink making prowess to the task and provided us with two custom inks made to our specifications.