Hellfire Club EDK V2 Special Release


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“B Stock” Special Release

The Hellfire Club was the name of several exclusive clubs for high-society libertines that came about in the 18th-century, but in modern fictional universes the term has been used as a physical club in comic books, the name of a Dungeons & Dragons club in a Netflix show, and a club of masked people in a famous Stanley Kubrick film. The color motif in the previously mentioned Netflix show is black and red, and we’ve used it as inspiration for this release.

Sometimes you can’t get perfect products no matter how hard you try. Over the years, it’s come to our attention that our anodizer has issues with our knurling. Not all the colors, and not all the time, but we’ll go through periods of time where every batch of pens that we send over with knurling comes back with voids on the knurls. These are really small areas, almost imperceptible, but when you see them they pop out. Sometimes we screw up on part of the machining of a pen. If it’s repairable, we’ll do what we need to in order to fix the issue. Then there are times when we have to make adaptations to the parts to make them work. The Hellfire Club EDK pens are a combination of those two problems coming together. The black lower bodies were machined incorrectly on on the inner portion just below the threads. In order to make them work, we had to machine off some material after anodize, which isn’t visible when the pen is put together, but looks weird when you take the upper body off the lower body. We also had some matte red upper bodies that had some of those anodize voids in the knurling. We decided to combine these two parts and sell these pens as a “B Stock” Special Release and mark them 50% off. Ships with a Schmidt P8127 refill with black ink.

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