INK V2 Grips

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Choose from aluminum, brass, or copper, and give your pen a whole new look and feel. Upgrade your INK V2 with a brass or copper grip section to add weight and some pizazz. Threaded for Bock 250 nibs, these grip sections are precision machined to work with our current line of INK V2 pens with the Sta-Fast Cap system. Also compatible with the INK V2 rollerball tip to use with our INK V2 rollerball pens.

Compatible with the 2020-Present INK V2 and the 2015-2019 INK 2.0 pens. Not compatible with the Kickstarter INK fountain pen.

Price is per piece.

Length: 18mm / 0.71 inch
Width (Min): 9.40mm / 0.37 inch
Width (Max): 10.67mm  / 0.42 inch
Weight (Aluminum): 1.7g / 0.05 oz
Weight (Brass): 5.8g / 0.20 oz
Weight (Copper): 5.8g / 0.20 pz