Prospector Mk II EDK B Stock


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“B Stock” Special Release

The Prospector colorway was one of our first custom colorways when we started offering special release pens. The combination of matte blue anodize and tumbled brass has become a classic that’s right up there with the Ultra Black finish. This is the first time we’ve released a B Stock version of the Prospector, however, the situation determined this outcome. Despite these being B Stock pens, they function perfectly and the minor “flaws” don’t detract from the beauty of the Prospector colorway.

Sometimes you can’t get perfect products no matter how hard you try. Over the years, it’s come to our attention that our anodizer has issues with our knurling. Not all the colors, and not all the time, but we’ll go through periods of time where every batch of pens that we send over with knurling comes back with voids on the knurls. These are really small areas, almost imperceptible, but when you see them they pop out. Sometimes we screw up on part of the machining of a pen. If it’s repairable, we’ll do what we need to in order to fix the issue. Then there are times when we have to make adaptations to the parts to make them work. The Prospector Mk II EDK B Stock is a result of two of these issues occurring at the same time. The matte blue anodized upper bodies came back an incredible shade of blue, but almost all of these had voids in the anodize on the knurling. Nothing we could could salvage the parts, so we set them aside to worry about another day. Along comes a batch of brass Mk II EDK lower bodies that were machined with a chipped tool. When that happens the finish is often a little off, with concentric rings showing up on the surface. We could tool up again and remachine them, but it’s easier to sand most of the really high spots down, heavy tumble them and sell them with B Stock pens. WHAM! Combine these two together and you’ve got the Prospector Mk II EDK B Stock release and in the process mark them down to 45 dollars. Ships with a Schmidt P8127 refill with black ink.

The EDK V2 is made from C360 Brass on our CNC lathes and Swiss machining centers, in Mesa, Arizona. Schmidt refills are manufactured in Germany.