Satin Blue Vertex Fountain Pen Special Release


Vertex Fountain Pen



New Aluminum Special Release

The Vertex is the second release in our Signature Series which is built around using plastics and other resins as the main parts of the pen. From the beginning, we wanted to create something that looked, felt and functioned differently than other pens on the market. We wanted a smooth transition from grip to barrel, so we moved the traditional breakpoint from the section back, and used a third o-ring in the cap adapted slip cap functionality for the pen. The longer grip section allows for the use of an “ink window” with transparent materials which adds a little flair to the pen. The Vertex looks and feels streamlined and aerodynamic. With soft tapers, a cigar-shaped body, and a concave cap top; the Vertex is at once futuristic but also reminiscent of the classic lines of Parker and Sheaffer pens. After a few years of perfecting the Vertex, we’re now expanding into non-resin materials with the launch of the aluminum Vertex Special Release pens.

The Satin Blue Vertex Special Release fountain pen features the style that sets this pen apart while retaining MOST of the functions of the original pen. The overall size is nearly the same with the cap outer diameter being slightly smaller than the original resin versions. This pen utilizes the same grip sections and o-rings making the Vertex now standardized in both resin and metal. The only feature lacking in the aluminum Vertex fountain pens is the ability to eyedropper this pen. While it technically CAN be done, we don’t suggest it due to the fact that the ink WILL stain the aluminum and certain inks can cause corrosion and pitting due to the pH level of the ink. However, feel free to use the supplied Schmidt K5 converter with your favorite ink or a massive list of standard international cartridges. For the Satin Blue finish, we modify our standard process and send lightly, finished tumbled pens to the anodizer for a non-bright dip coat of anodize. This process causes the transparency of the anodize and the slightly shinier finish tumbled aluminum to create a satin finish. Not as soft as matte and nowhere near as shiny as our standard “gloss” application, this version is a unique look that really comes together in certain colors, blue is one of those colors. Choose from all of our available grip section offerings in durable Makrolon, and a wide variety of nibs in polished steel and titanium to further customize your pen to your specifications. Ships in our recyclable packaging with a custom vinyl sticker. The Vertex fountain pen is the latest step in our Design.History.Technology influenced Signature Series.

Comes standard with a Bock polished steel nib, with titanium upgrades available. The #6 nibs units are manufactured by Peter Bock in Germany. Also included with each pen are 2 black Monteverde ink cartridges. Each pen is designed and machined, by us, in the USA.

Limited Availability