Tumbled Fluted Titanium Retrakt


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After nearly 10 years of requests, we’ve finally gotten around to “officially” working with titanium on a pen. The first product was the launch of the Tumbled Titanium Bolt at the end of 2021. Next, we officially added titanium to the EDK in mid-2022. The Tumbled Titanium Retrakt was added in early 2023 with the majority of these pens being released in small batches throughout the year before the decision was made to pause production of titanium versions of our pens. The Tumbled Fluted Titanium Retrakt is our only Limited Release for the Retrakt and we will be releasing these in small batches over time as we complete the finishing process on them. This will be the final Limited Release version of these pens for the foreseeable future. 

The Tumbled Fluted Titanium Retrakt is machined from barstock, grade 5 (6Al 4V) titanium that is custom-ground to our specifications. The lower and upper body are all machined on our CNC Swiss lathes with upgraded tooling and programming. Final machining on the upper bodies for the clip slot and threads is then completed on our CNC mills. All of the parts have then been tumbled in a liquid and ceramic media for a minimum of 6 hours to give a unified look and “soft” but tactile feel to the body of the pen. Using a custom setup we then smooth the inside of the upper barrel for smooth operation. We’ve used our tumbled stainless steel clip and screws for this release. Includes a Pilot G2 Refill with black ink. Ships in our recyclable packaging with a custom vinyl sticker.

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