Tumbled Titanium & Black Hardware EDK V2 Holiday Release


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12 Days of Karas – Day Eleven ($75 Dollar Special)

We love turning mistakes into happy accidents. During the final batch of titanium EDK uppers our knurling tool broke and we didn’t catch until we’d run a decent amount of parts. Rather than go back and rework the parts, we decided to turn them into smooth uppers and then we set them aside for a special release. Now is the time for that special release to be unveiled. These have been heavy tumbled for twelve hours to give them a nice soft finish and uniform look. We wanted a different look so we used our matte black anodized aluminum clip and black chrome Torx+ screws for this release. Inlcludes a Schmidt P8126 refill with black ink. Ships in our recyclable packaging with a custom vinyl sticker.

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