Verde Valley Green Bottled Fountain Pen Ink


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This ink was inspired by the Verde Valley in Arizona, home to the Verde River one of Arizona’s last free-flowing river systems. This verdant valley provides an ecosystem that is crucial to flora and fauna, provides much-needed water in for agriculture and recreation. The Verde Valley is also home to several small communities that provide tourism and agricultural dollars into Arizona. Sedona, Arizona is one of those towns. It’s a desert bastion of gorgeous sandstone vistas and greenery that brings in tourists from around the world. Jerome is another small town in the Verde Valley now known for the vineyards surrounding it as the terroir in the region is perfect for growing wine. Our Verde Valley Green ink is a fantastic shade of deep green with some shading. It’s dark in tight areas but lightens nicely at certain angles and nib sizes. While it doesn’t cover the full spectrum of green, it sits fully in the middle of most greens and does a wonderful job representing the color of vibrancy and rebirth.

Continuing our efforts to give the masses what they ask for, we went in search of a U.S. company that produces fountain pen ink. There are even fewer U.S. fountain pen ink manufacturers then there are U.S. pen manufacturers. Luckily for us, we already had a great relationship with one of those companies, Papier Plume. They turned their ink making prowess to the task and provided us with two custom inks made to our specifications.