Battleworn EDK V2 Grab Bags


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The Bottom Shelf is where you’ll find B Stock, Battleworn, Clearance, and other products with drastically reduced prices. These items will have minor cosmetic flaws, have been put through a heavy force wearing (Battleworn) process, returns with small defects, scratch & dent, and discontinued product. Items will clearly state the specific reason they are being listed for sale on The Bottom Shelf. They will be fully functional, and come with the stated accessories in a standard, recyclable package or alternative packaging where noted. All sales of items on The Bottom Shelf are final, no returns or exchanges on this product. SOME COUPON CODES ARE EXCLUDED. 

Who doesn’t love a surprise now and then? Well, we’ve got a surprise for you. Our latest Grab Bags/Blind Bags are finally here. “What’s a grab bag?” You ask. We’ve taken our mismatched pen parts, lower barrels that don’t have matching colored upper barrels, anodizing mistakes, and minor aesthetic blemished pens then we’ve tumbled them for 6 hours giving them that battleworn look. Finally, we went and blindfolded our assembly technicians and had them assemble the pens at random. We’ve thrown this into box to ensure we can’t see inside so you’re guaranteed to get a surprise. When you order a Grab Bag, we’ll reach into the drawer, shuffle around among all the tubes, pick one out and send it out to you. What you’ll get is a one of a kind mismatched but fully functional pen. “Boy, that sounds fun!”. Yeah, we think so too, but the grab bags come with a few caveats, read on below for those.

Each Grab Bag is priced at $35.00(COMES PRE-ASSEMBLED WITH A SCHMIDT EASYFLOW 9000).

All sales final.

No returns or exchanges on Grab Bags.

You’re purchasing a randomized complete pen, that will function as it should. Please do not email and ask for a specific item. Grab Bags have been specially priced and some coupon codes and sales will exclude Grab Bags.