Bill’s Shop Truck Layflat Notebook


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Expansion of our notebook options has always been something we’ve considered doing. As time has gone on, we’ve purchased more and more notebooks for test purposes and for lifestyle photographs, and in the process, we came across Denik notebooks. They offer some cool-looking options that are of good quality and were always an option if we wanted to upgrade to a larger format of notebook. Now we’ve decided to take a chance with some custom Denik notebooks

Our lead designer, Gee, has created custom art based on a photo of Bill’s custom Ford pickup. She chose a groovy 70’s theme for the font and color scheme, edited the photo slightly to get KARAS on the tailgate of the truck, and then did some amazing work on the inside covers of the notebooks as well. This all comes together in a layflat style notebook that features smyth sewn library style binding. The paper is 100gsm/70# weight with lines that can handle most fountain pens without too much feathering or other issues. It’s optimized for rollerball, ballpoint, and pencils. 5.25″ x 8.25″ Format, 144 pages, 100gsm/70# Paper, Lined. These are made by Denik.

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