Bright Orange Decograph Fountain Pen


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With the re-introduction of orange anodize, we decided to get some Decograph pens in this shade of orange, because you never know when the orange will disappear for 2+ years. WAY back in the day we released a very small number of orange aluminum pens with grey hardware, a colorway we call Monsoon. That release was very limited and sold out quickly. This was another reason for doing some Orange Decographs, we get a lot of people asking if we’ll release the Monsoon Decograph.

The Bright Orange Decograph is our aluminum Decograph finish tumbled and anodized in a bright medium orange. The caps and bodies have a nice translucency and uniformity in color, not too saturated for a standard orange hue. For this release, we’re giving you the option to choose from four different hardware combinations to ensure you get the pen that looks right for you. The first option is the gloss black hardware which is a classic look for any orange pen. Second, the standard silver anodized hardware which is our production finish. Third, the unofficial Monsoon look with satin grey hardware; the satin grey and bright orange work well together making this version look different than the last Monsoon Decograph. Lastly, we’ve got some lovely blue anodized hardware that makes a GREAT option for the orange; it might be close to that football team that plays a mile high above sea level; or it might be a myriad of high school and college colors, or it might just be that orange and blue look amazing. You’ll have the opportunity to select from a variety of steel and titanium nibs. Ships with a Schmidt K5 converter and 2 black Monteverde ink cartridges in our recyclable packaging.