Coin Keychain – Matte Blue


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As we looked back at our old coin designs, the second year coin design just jumped out at us as a really classic look. We started looking for a way to adapt the artwork to something other than a strict pen club use. As the design was for a previous year’s club membership, we thought it would be cool to find a way to revive the design for an EDC item. We landed on replicating the coin, but in different materials and adapting it into a keychain, or a coin-chain. The results are pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves. This coin-chain is 1.25″ in diameter and 0.125″ thick.

Wanting to do something new and a bit cheaper, we decided to have 500 stamped out of aluminum. Then we anodized those 500 aluminum coin-chains different colors. Left raw, we then had a matte dark blue anodize applied to the aluminum. This finish has a nice grippable finish and looks amazing with the design. Designed and made in the United States. Stamped by Shire Post Mint from aluminum stock. Anodized in Arizona.

Pricing is per piece, is NOT a Karas Club Item.