Grey & Orange Fluted Bolt V2


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Small Batch #3 Release

Happy accidents aren’t something we’re used to, but this pen is the result of something like a happy accident. We needed orange bolt knobs for a client, and anodize is cheaper the more parts you send in. So we sent in a large batch of bolt knobs for matte orange anodize. After we assembled the client’s knobs, the remaining knobs went into a drawer and were forgotten for a good six months. Fast forward to early September, we were looking through drawers for some old setup parts and low-and-behold we stumbled across the matte orange Bolt knobs. Running through the list of options for colors to pair the knobs with, we easily landed on grey and sent off a batch of fluted bolts. This pen is the result of that anodize, a dark grey that has a blue tint to it, combined with the matte orange knobs looks spectacular. If these prove to be as popular as we think they will, we’ll likely do this combination again, but for this release, we only have 50 pens available.  The pen features the Pilot G2 refill in black but can easily be converted to a Parker style refill.